Scimob’s trivia apps have achieved top rankings from the get-go. Not only were our first quiz games, 94 seconds, 94° and 94%, ranked #1 for most downloaded trivia apps in almost 100 countries shortly after release, but the popularity of the 94 series was followed by the successful release of the Academy and Kezako series.

The global rating for all of our trivia apps is more than 4.5 out of 5. Try our latest quiz games and trivia app hits and see why we’re topping the charts!


Imagine being in a group of 8 players. Someone gives the word “Table,” and you must give 3 words that come to mind within 20 seconds. Eat? Chair? Multiplication? Pool? Ping pong? The object of the game is simple: the more players who have the same response as you, the more points you win! So, you have to get into the minds of the other players…we know, that’s not so easy depending on the group! Like 94%, which has 40 million players hooked, Consensus is an addictive game that will drive you crazy! Playing against others – friends or random opponents – and the ticking clock make the game even more exciting. The stress of the timer will make you type the first things that come to mind, even if they are sometimes farfetched, making the game even more fun when answers are compared. Laughter guaranteed!

Consensus Website

Pics the Words

Try Pic the Words, the new word game from SCIMOB, a cross between it’s other games 94% and Word Academy, which have more than 60 million players worldwide. Select the letters to form the words associated with an image.

Pics the Words Website

Kezako: Rébus

To solve Kezako Rebus puzzles, find the syllables or sounds hidden in the sets of images, then combine them in order to form a word, phrase or expression.

Kezako Rebus is the fun, free quiz game you’ve been searching for if you love vocabulary or picture games to play with friends and family or solo. Kezako Rebus will test your intuition and logic syllable by syllable until you sound like a winner!

Kezako Website

Kezako: Mistery Pic

Use the fewest hints possible to find the hidden mystery pic.
In our latest trivia app, players just:

  • spin the wheel to unveil squares of the mystery pic or to win coins in order to advance in the game.
  • then, find the word associated with the hidden mystery pic

The aim of this guessing game is to figure out the associated word for each mystery pic while unveiling the least amount of squares possible.
Food, everyday objects, famous people and places, or flora and fauna: each pic can be found by uncovering squares with the wheel. But watch out! Once the wheels are set in motion, the number of squares and difficulty will quickly increase with each level!

Good luck !

Kezako Website

Math Academy

Challenge your abilities to find as many math operations equalling zero as possible!

Enroll in Math Academy and earn your diploma: no need to be a math wiz, find the right operations and zero in to win !

Math Academy Website

Word Academy

Challenge yourself to find as many hidden words as possible!

The aim of this fun and challenging word game is to graduate from Word Academy by finding all of the hidden words to unlock and complete hundreds of grids.

The words in each grid have a theme and order: the game starts off easy, but the size of the grids and number of words increase as you play, and the order becomes even more important.  It’s sure to give your brain a workout!

Enjoy !

Word Academy Website


Already a hit in multiple countries: guess the top 94% of answers given by players and join the community of more than 30 million 94% players worldwide.  This quiz game should drive you crazy 94% of the time!

94% Website

94 Degrees

“You’re getting warmer” as you get closer to the correct answer!

94° is a touch-sensitive quiz game released in 2014 that allows you to challenge other players. The object is to touch the right spot on an image that corresponds with the answer to a trivia question.  The closer you get, the warmer you make the game’s lizard mascot.

94 Degrees Website

94 Seconds

Start the countdown! Find as many words as possible in 94 seconds!

94 Seconds, Scimob’s first quiz app, is a word game. A letter and theme appear, and you have 94 seconds to find as many words as possible for that theme beginning with that letter. The rarer your answers, the more points you’ll get!

94 Seconds Website